I was given this granola as a gift. I was delighted by the rich full flavor of the grains and the sweet/tart dried apple pieces. It is enjoyable in yogurt or as a snack from the bag.


This granola is fantastic! The blueberry is our favorite, but the cranberry is awesome too. We buy it by the 5 pound bag.


This granola is the best. I am so glad they have a storefront now. Delicious!


This is my favorite! I eat it in all flavors of yogurt and sometimes with a splash of milk on it. My family and I love Old Man Granola and haven’t found a flavor that we don’t like!

Jamie Ortiz

I will be ordering this again. Shipping was fast and This stuff is great!


I LOVE LOVE this product! I have an allergy to Gluten and to Oats. Actually really severe allergy to Oats! With Facial swelling and severe Hives. I have none of that with this product! My Blood tests always come back showing I have a super high allergy to Oats but, I am fine eating this Gluten Free Product! It is amazing and taste sooooooo Good! Highly recommend it!


I received a sample of this granola in a Conscious Box. I sprinkled it onto my soy yogurt and fresh strawberries and was blown away by the flavor and crispness of the granola! It was delicious! Until now, I thought most brands of granola more-or-less tasted alike. I am delighted to find a product I will have an immediate loyalty towards. I will use it on yogurt, with soy milk as a cereal, on top of fresh and baked fruit, and straight from the bag!


I absolutely love this granola. Just finished my first bag of the apple walnut. I am now trying the cranberry pecan. This is better than comparable granolas in the organic section at Kroger. Not to mention, I like supporting locally and it is made right here in Findlay, OH.

Lindsey Heringer

Huge fan of the Blueberry Almond. The almonds add a great nutty taste and the dried blueberries are the perfect blend of sweet and firm. So good I eat it by the handful.

Rob O

I stopped by The OldeMan table at The Golden Co. Farmers Market and tasted a free sample of the Chocolate Nut Granola. I wasn’t intending to buy anything but this was too good to walk away from. This is the best Granola I have ever tasted and I eat Granola several mornings a week!

Steve K

I bought a bag at King Soopers. This is some of the best granola I’ve ever had. The flavor is amazing and it doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth (like some granola I bought at Whole Foods recently). I will definitely be purchasing this again! Can’t wait to try the other flavors.

E. McCrea

One of my sons friends is a ‘gluten free’ kid. I always have plenty of fresh fruit on hand for him to munch on when he visits, however not being a gluten free household, it’s nice to have something that will keep in the pantry. Cereal is one of our favorite late night snacks and now we ALL love this flavor! Thanks so much for a great product!



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